Aladin Devanlay

Would he be the one to grant your wishes?

Aladin Devanlay is a delicat, specific, meticulous man
He knows how to highlight the details that make a difference and sublimate every creation.

"Let me share the whole new world with you"

Who are we?

Brother and sister,
complice in crime since 1998.


We’ve been creating together since we were kids.
Today we are embarking on a new adventure.
We are pooling our abilities, our knowledge and creativity to create greater.
Every single day we are creating, learning, discovering…

Jeanne-Houriya Devanlay

As Joan of Arc changed the fate of France, Jane Goodall the chimp’s fate, Jane Porter Tarzan’s, will Jeanne-Houriya Devanlay leave her mark in your business’ history?

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