Dora Flash Games : Best Websites to Play Dora Games Online

Dora the explorer is quite a popular cartoon broadcasted on the Nickelodeon channel. In case you too preferred watching this cartoon than I am sure you will enjoy playing games based on Dora too.

These games can be played for free through the browser itself. Below I have covered the top 5 sites that offer you Dora based games that you can enjoy online.


When you start looking for Dora games website is the first website you should actually visit. Thought the name of the website may not really be related to Dora games but in my opinion the games on this website are totally awesome and I am sure you are going to love them as well.


This webpages brings to you more than 50 Dora related games. An excellent thing is that you are given detailed descriptions and important instructions needed to play the game. This website also plans to launch video tutorials all the games present on the site. The video tutorials will make it simpler for you to learn and play the games.


Apart from the above mentioned site the NickJR website is another really good website. In fact it is the official website for nick and that is the reason why many people consider this site to be the best website when it comes to Dora games. Games based on other hit cartoons can also be found on this webpage.images

Every game on this website comes with excellent graphics and also really good gameplay. The 3 Dora games I loved playing on this website are the Enchanted Forest Game, the Dora Christmas Carol Game and also the Old Troll Game.

Another good website that you should definitely check out is the The website is one of the largest Dora related games webpage that you will come.

doras-magical-garden1It is considered one of the largest websites because here you can play more than 200 games based on Dora and its other popular characters The 3 Dora games that I prefer to play on this website are the Cute Dora Dress-up, the Dora Archer and also the Bathroom Décor.


Doragames4u is one of the very few websites that is completely dedicated to providing only Dora based games to you.

The 3 Dora games that do not want to miss out on, on this website are the Train Express, the Swiper the Explorer and also the Ice Skating game.

Though the number of games available on this website is quite low, the games that are available are definitely worth a try.


One website that is more often or not mentioned is the Gahe website. On this webpage you will come across numerous flash games based on almost every cartoon character you loved watching as a kid.

Dora-LostValentine-01The quality of the games on Gahe is quite excellent and you will find the games hard to put down.

The 3 Dora games you have fun playing on this website are the Twins Baby Sister, the Kindergarten game also the Train Express.


5 methods to improve torrent downloading speed

I am sure like every torrent downloader you too may have wished if you could double or triple your torrent downloading speed.

You probably did spend hours trying it our too but couldn’t. Well today could be the day you finally get your wish because in this article I have covered 5 ways that should definitely help you increase download speed to some extent.


Apart from increasing speed, if you’re also interested in keeping your anonymity then you should get a seedbox hosting server.

Remember do not try to implement all the following steps, just the once that work for you

Opt for the right torrent client

There are numerous numbers of torrent clients available on the internet which can often make it confusing as to which one you should opt for.

I would advise you to opt for torrent clients like uTorrent, Vuze, Bit Torrent etc. In case you still doubt as to which torrent clients are the best a simple google search will give you a lot of answers.

Remember to keep your torrent client up to date. Sometimes it is because the torrent client is not up to date that the download speeds are quite slow

Look for healthy torrents

Opting for a healthy torrent file I as important as choosing a good torrent client if not more. Always remember that you keep tabs on the leechers and seeders when searching for a torrent.

A healthy torrent is one where the number of seeders is greater than the number leechers. This ensures faster downloading time.

Speeds with unhealthy torrents are limited and thus you do not get speed beyond a certain point whatever you do. Thus resulting in slower downloads.

Make sure Firewall is not causing a problem

One of the most common reasons for slower torrent download is your firewall. Sometime your firewall does all the damage by blocking of your clients connections, resulting is slower downloads. Solution to this problem is quick and easy.

All you’re going to have to do is, in the firewall setting add your torrent client as an exception and you will automatically notice the download speed increasing. Remember; do not turn off the firewall completely as that may put your pc at risk.

Monitor your upload rate

Often torrent users remember to set the download rate to unlimited but forget that there is an upload rate as well. You might have forgotten about it as well at times.

Remember if leave your upload rate high it will hinder the download speed so I would advise you to keep it really low. In case you need a high upload rate sometime remember to reduce it next time you start downloading.

Keep Tweaking ports

You don’t necessarily have to keep tweaking them in case you are not getting a high download. Firstly check for other issues then try tweaking the port values. Sometimes the random port values do not provide a good download speed.

In such a situation you don’t have to worry too much just try and tweak them. You can input any number above 10000. If you’re not sure just remember the random value and put it back again.

Teen patti

Play Teen Patti by downloading it on Windows PC for free

When it comes to most popular card playing games, Teen Patti is one of the most played card game. The game is very similar to Indian Poker and is very entertaining. Teen Patti is available on Android for free and can be downloaded on Android based smartphones from the Play store, however, an official version of the game is yet to be published for Windows PC. However, this tutorial will help you download the Teen Patti game easily on your Windows PC for free.

The game is developed by Octro and is very easy to play. All you need to do is play with 3 cards. You can also share your scores with your friends online over social media. This addictive game is much loved by a wide variety of audience and gamers.

Key features of Teen Patti game for Windows PC

When the game is played online, it can be played in a multiplayer mode. The same thing makes it very interesting to play online. As much as 5 players can play this game at a moment. Additionally, you can invite more players to play this game.

Also, when playing online, you can create private rooms for playing this game. The best thing is that the game doesn’t encourage gambling which is an offense in many places. There’s no real money involved in it. However, some terms like betting are used in this game.

Download Teen Patti for Windows PC

Teen patti

Teen Patti is a game available on the Android platform. While the game is not available officially for Windows, you can download the game and play using an Android emulator. Bluestacks is one Android emulator that we recommend for its easy installation and free availability. What it does it, it emulates your Android smartphone’s screen on your Windows PC and lets you enjoy every single thing that is there on your Android phone on your Windows PC. So, Teen Patti can also be played on Windows PC using the same emulator. Here are the steps to download Teen Patti for Windows PC.


Download Teen Patti on Windows PC for free

  1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator on your Windows PC from its official site.
  2. Install it and in its search bar, search for Teen Patti.
  3. Download Teen Patti from there.
  4. Install it on your Windows PC.
  5. Open it and play

That’s it. Down load Teen Patti on your Windows PC and enjoy the game from your Windows PC.